March 4, Relax-a-cucha 2020: Literacies Writ Large

Relax-a-cucha 2020: Literacies Writ Large (It’s more than ready & writing!) Join us for an informative and engaging evening that explores aspects of literacies not often thought about. The speakers have been asked to present 12 visual slides that highlight an aspect of literacy other than reading and writing. Each speaker will have 7 minutes […]

Nov. 26, 2019, Got Game(s)? A Knowledge Mobilization Workshop

The next workshop in our Knowledge Mobilization series is: Got Game(s)? Want to learn how to use games to share your research? Need a fun way to engage new audiences or explore community topics? Tuesday, Nov. 26, 2019 Arts and Science 460 This is an introduction to thinking about how to use games as a […]

Nov. 5, Starting a Conversation with Zak Draper

DO FAMILIES NEED TO POWER DOWN TO CONNECT? A STUDY OF FAMILIES TECHNOLOGY AND WELLBEING. Childminders in the Okanagan have expressed concerns about young children’s dependence on, and overuse of, screen-based media including smartphones, tablets, television, and videogames. We attempted to quantify relationships between different types of technology use (i.e., device, amount, weekday and weekend […]

October 17, 2019, Starting a Conversation with Kerry Rempel

Looking Under the Hood: Strategic Ambiguity in Nonprofit Organizations Nonprofit organizations are pervasive forces for social improvement in Canada and beyond. These organizations are deliberate and focused on the change they want to see in the world. They signal their intent through strategy. Change is messy, stakeholders are demanding, and the operating environments of these […]

Sept.17.19 – Starting a Conversation with Dr. Rahon D’Souza –

RESEARCH METHODOLOGIES in ENVIRONMENTAL HISTORY / HUMANITIES Dr. D’Souza is a visiting scholar from Kyoto University. Please join us for an informal talk with Dr. D’Souza about Research Methodologies in Environmental History / Humanities. This event is open to everyone. Bio: His PhD was awarded from the Centre for Historical Studies (Jawaharlal Nehru University). He […]