October 17, 2019, Starting a Conversation with Kerry Rempel

Looking Under the Hood: Strategic Ambiguity in Nonprofit Organizations Nonprofit organizations are pervasive forces for social improvement in Canada and beyond. These organizations are deliberate and focused on the change they want to see in the world. They signal their intent through strategy. Change is messy, stakeholders are demanding, and the operating environments of these […]

Sept.17.19 – Starting a Conversation with Dr. Rahon D’Souza –

RESEARCH METHODOLOGIES in ENVIRONMENTAL HISTORY / HUMANITIES Dr. D’Souza is a visiting scholar from Kyoto University. Please join us for an informal talk with Dr. D’Souza about Research Methodologies in Environmental History / Humanities. This event is open to everyone. Bio: His PhD was awarded from the Centre for Historical Studies (Jawaharlal Nehru University). He […]

2019-20 Workstudy: Community and Knowledge Mobilizer. Deadline Sept. 13

The Institute for Community Engaged Research is hiring a Research Assistant for 2019-20! Deadline: Sept. 13, 2019 Job Title: Community and Knowledge Mobilizer Job Description The community and knowledge mobilizer will work with The Institute for Community Engaged Research (ICER) faculty, staff and community members under the direction of the Institute director and coordinator. Their […]

Starting a Conversation with Lindsay Harris – Feb.15, 2019

Feb.15 11:30 -12:30 pm Arts 368 Passionate Interests and Community Decision Making: Increasing Food Security in Kamloops, BC Kamloops, BC is renowned for its community investment in food security – home to Canada’s oldest grassroots food policy council, it also has well-established municipal support for food security programs. Since its formation in 1995, the Kamloops […]

Starting a Conversation with Sandra Fox – Jan. 24, 2019

The next Starting a Conversation will be hosted by Sandra Fox. Thursday, January 24, 2019 12:30 to 1:30 pm Arts 368 Indigenous Identity in Post-Secondary “Situations” After working at Aboriginal Programs and Services at UBCO, I noticed how many of the Indigenous students I saw shared similar stories relating to their identities, and coming to […]