Research Clusters

Our scope of practice includes teaching, research, and the integration of both into community engaged relationships. We are committed to:

  • conducting cutting‐edge research in our identified research themes
  • providing world‐class training opportunities for graduate, postdoctoral and community researchers
  • offering substantial opportunities for undergraduate research experience
  • fostering a vibrant local community of researchers from within and beyond the University, and facilitating linkages into a wider community of international scholars and scholarship.

Faculty who will be members and associate members of ICER conduct research across a very broad range of issues and employ any number of methods and methodologies in their research. As an Institute, we are committed to being flexible and responsive to community priorities and interests as well as those of university members. Our research focus, beyond research that engages and contributes to solutions and positive outcomes for communities, is necessarily open-ended. Nonetheless, in discussions leading up to this proposal, we and our community partners have identified a number of “research clusters” which will operate within the ICER.

  • Adaptation, De-colonization, and Indigeneity
  • Pedagogy and Participation
  • Communication, Community, and Representation
  • Social Inclusion and Equity
  • Social, Spatial, and Economic Justice

These clusters, like ICER itself, includes community, faculty, and student participants working on related projects. The intention of the clusters is to provide clarity around our research interests and strengths, and to define smaller more focused communities of practice within a wider Institute.