Cultural Economies of Academic Knowledge Production

A Critical Geography Speaker Series

Organized by Students of Geography 480: Advanced Seminar in Critical Geography

Interested to learn about academic publishing from editors of international journals and internationally renowned scholars?

Join the students of Geography 480 for their speaker series: Cultural Economies of Academic Publishing. This series will allow students and others interested in publishing in scholarly journals, in podcasts, via social media, and using the popular media, to gain a solid understanding of the structural systems in which such knowledge production occurs. The presentations are purposely short so that there will be lots of time in each session for questions. Students in GEOGRAPHY 480 will act as interlocutors for a short period, then the presentations will be open to questions from the floor.

Moderator: Professor Lawrence D. Berg Moderator: Professor Lawrence D. Berg, former co-editor: SITES: A Journal for South Pacific Cultural Studies; co-founding editor: ACME: An International Journal for Critical Geographies; and former editor-in-chief: The Canadian Geographer.

Interlocutors: Students from GEOG 480

The Series will be available via Zoom:


Dates and Topics:

Dr. Mary Gilmartin

March 2nd @ 8:30PM (Pacific Time)

(she/her) is Professor of Geography, National University of Ireland, Maynooth.

The main focus of her research is contemporary Irish migration and mobility. Her book on Ireland and migration in the twenty-first century was published by Manchester University Press in 2015. She is currently engaged in two funded research projects on critical studies of migrant settlement and integration in Ireland. Mary is the former Editor-in-Chief of Social & Cultural Geography.

Dr. Eugene McCann

March 9th @ 7:30PM (Pacific Time)

(he/him) is Professor of Geography, SFU Department of Geography.

His research focuses on the policy context of urban life, and especially on the mobility of (neoliberal) policy, and assembling the urban. Eugene is Managing Editor of Environment & Planning C: Politics & Space.

Dr. Jessica Stites Mor

March 16th @ 7:30PM (Pacific Time)

(she/her) is Professor of History at the University of British Columbia.

Her research centres on solidarity movements, with a focus on the particularities of South- South transnational activism. Jessica is Editor-in-Chief of Canadian Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Studies.

Dr. Karis Shearer

March 23rd @ 7:30PM (Pacific Time)

(she/her) is Principal’s Research Chair in Digital Arts & Humanities at the University of British Columbia and Co- Director of the UBC AMP Lab.

Karis is pursuing research on gender and affective labour in the Vancouver literary community of the 1960s and 70s, a collaboration which has resulted most recently in a piece called “Gender, Affective Labour, and Community- Building Through Literary Audio Recordings” and Wanting Everything: The Collected Works of Gladys Hindmarch. (Talonbooks 2020).

Dr. Reuben Rose-Redwood

March 30th @ 7:30PM (Pacific Time)

(he/him) is Professor of Geography and Associate Dean, Academic, at the University of Victoria.

He is Director of the Critical Geographies Research Lab at the University of Victoria, and he co-founded and serves as the current Chair of the Committee for Urban Studies. Reuben is Managing Editor of Dialogues in Human Geography.

Dr. Onyx Sloan Morgan

April 6th @ 7:30pm (pacific time)

(they/them) is Assistant Professor of Geography at the University of British Columbia.

Their work is is most often conducted in partnership with and at the direction of communities. Their positionality as a queer, non-binary white settler of Irish and Scottish ancestries steers their engagement. Their research seeks to: 1) reveal the power dynamics at the core of inequitable and oppressive structures, and 2) foreground the resistive, transformative relationalities that communities enliven every day for more just and sustainable futures. Onyx is a member of the ACME Collective and Editor-in-Chief ACME: An International Journal for Critical Geographies.

Dr. Minelle Mahtani

April 13th @ 8:00 pm (pacific time)

(she/her) is the Brenda and David McLean Chair of Canadian Studies at the University of British Columbia.

She held the role of the Senior Advisor to the Provost on Racialized Faculty where she supported the recruitment and retention of racialized faculty. She is also a former national television news journalist at the CBC and was previously a journalism and geography professor at University of Toronto. She was host of a radio show at Roundhouse Radio, 98.3 Vancouver that was unapologetically anti-racist and feminist in its approach, focusing on the stories of systemically disadvantaged communities.

Sponsored by the Spatial Justice CoLab and the UBC Institute for Community Engaged Research