Nov. 15 – Starting a Conversation with Liam King: Digital Wellness Project for Young Indigenous Men

Digital Wellness Project for Young Indigenous Men

The identity of young Indigenous men is extremely important to their ability to live happy and healthy lives. However, little is known about how young Indigenous men use digital media to develop their identity and the impacts this has on health and wellness.

This project seeks to bring together young Indigenous men in a community-based participatory project to understand the ways that digital media may be influencing their identity, health and wellness. We will be co-researching with a small group (~6) of young Indigenous men (<30 years old) who are undergraduates at UBC Okanagan to empower these men to create and answer questions related to their digital media use, identity, and health and wellness. The knowledge created from this project will be used to create future Indigenous Digital Wellness projects that seek to promote the development of positive identities within Indigenous youth.

This is a CIHR-funded project being run in partnership with Aboriginal Programs and Services Center at UBC Okanagan.

Liam R. King, BSc., is a Cree-Metis scholar currently completing his MSc., specializing in Indigenous Health and Wellness. Liam’s research interests include community-based participatory research with young Indigenous people’s and investigating the intersections of digital media, Indigenous identity, gender, health and wellness.

Liam is also one of three recipients of the 2020 Institute for Community Engaged Research Scholarship.

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